Why Fort Worth?

You can ask different Fort Worth natives what they love about this city, and I guarantee that you will get a different answer every time. I love that, because to me, it gives a beautiful picture of the diversity that makes up our city.

To me, selling Fort Worth is the best job I could have! I truly love this place. I love the parks along the Trinity River. I love meeting up with friends on Magnolia Avenue and grabbing dinner at one of the myriad of amazing local restaurants. I love listening to live music at Brewed, grabbing a slice of cake at Stir Crazy Baked Goods, or sipping a cup of coffee at Buon Giorno.

To me, Fort Worth is the best of everything: big city with a small town feel and kind people who are very proud to be Texan. It’s an easy city to have pride in, to get involved with locally, and to live your life to its fullest.

So, whether you’ve been here for awhile and are looking for a change with a new season of life, or if you are trying to get to the Fort as fast as you can, I’d love to help you find your home.



Emily Wardlaw






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