So What Exactly Does A Real Estate Agent Do?

Over the course of the last several weeks, I have had multiple people give me a similar statement, :

“What exactly does a real estate agent do?”

Of course when asked that question, there are SO many things that could be said, but honestly, as soon as I started working with clients, it became even more evident how important it is to have a real estate agent.


Why do I need a Real Estate Agent?.png


  1. Education – Real Estate Agents must pass the national and state exam to be licensed. Everything from contract writing to ethics is covered in these classes, and real estate agents learn in depth how to serve their clients. On top of that, a real estate agent can’t officially sell homes until they are backed by a broker, and the great part about this, is that the brand new real estate agent gets to learn from experienced agents around them. What a great way to set agents up for success.
  2.  Neighborhood Knowledge – I spend big chunks of my day driving around the Fort, and learning about the city and the neighborhoods. I’m on MLS every day looking at new listings and checking to see what’s hit the market, and what has sold. It’s a time investment, something that people usually don’t have the time to do as they are working during the day. Trusting that your agent is on top of what’s happening in the city and what homes are available should be a big encouragement and stress reliever!
  3. Paperwork – A normal contract is 9 pages long and that isn’t counting addendums, contingencies, and acknowledgements! What a relief to know that you’ve chosen someone who understands that signing your name multiple times connected with a substantial amount of money can be stressful, and is okay answering questions and explaining when you have questions.
  4. It’s About YOU! – As a real estate agent, my job, literally, is to work as hard as I can to benefit my clients. Not only am I contractually obligated to do it, I want to! You are making one of the biggest decisions that you will make financially in your life. Talk about exciting, stressful, scary, and filled with the potential for an amazing future. I’m here to walk you through the big decisions, the emotional ups and downs, and to work excellently to help you find your home.

And THAT, is why you want me to be your realtor!


Emily Wardlaw
Moore Real Estate


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