What’s the Hype with Hygge?

In my latest newsletter, I wrote a little bit about the word “Hygge” and how it fits into home decor and making your home a peaceful wonderful place to live. For those that don’t get the newsletter (you should, so subscribe!), I wanted to delve into it a little here.

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a danish word that expresses joy, calm, coziness, and pleasure in moments. The design style was adopted by the way that the Danish people decorate their home to withstand the dark cold winter months. With minimalist Scandinavian decor on the rise, I started seeing this Hygge concept begin to pop up in home design blogs and articles that I follow.

And let me tell you, I LOVE IT.


It gives the minimalist feel, which though clean, aesthetically pleasing and simple, can sometimes feel a little cold. Because Hygge really is a “feeling” word in the Danish language, it requires to designer to be present in the space and enjoy it!

Some of the elements that stand out to me in a Hygge decor scheme are:


  • Candles, Lamps, and as MUCH natural light as you can shove in through your windows! As most of you know, natural light helps to foster a clean, bright atmosphere in your home, while candles and warm lamp light help cozy up your room!
  • Color. In scandanavian and minimalist design, you see more monochromatic tendencies where with hygge decor, there is a little more color, which I love! Pops of color draw the eye and warm up spaces that can seem a little chilly with all neutrals. brabbu-ambience-press-21-HR
  • Throws. There is always some type of beautiful, chunky, wooly, woven, blanket in almost every picture that I look at. A throw adds texture to your space and gives the feel of the room being “lived in”. Its takes the comfort level up a notch, where people may feel a little more welcome to “put their feet up”. f61150d51da64d54651ea220bd9a98de


There are tons of studies and books on hygge, and how healthy it can be to slow down and choose to be cozy and comfortable with people that you love. The word is both a verb and noun, and now is also a type of decor. How cool is that!?

If you want to see some of my favorite Hygge home decor, click here!

Thanks for reading!



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