The River District Fort Worth


New Neighborhood Alert!

This is so exciting! As someone who now specializes in knowing what’s going on in the Fort, I am so excited to share about one of our newest neighborhoods:

The River District in Fort Worth is an up and coming neighborhood revitalization on Fort Worth’s Westside. The River District will be comprised of 276 acres of residences, commercial buildings, a retail area, and  an outdoor amphitheater and entertainment center! All of this will be nestled along the Trinity River.

Sounds pretty great doesn’t it?

In a quote by one of the highlighted builders for the development, CEO Chris Powers of Fort Capital, says,

“Fort Worth doesn’t need just another build project. We need more gathering spots, more well designed neighborhoods, more uncommon restaurants, more concert venues, more walkable areas and more places to enjoy all that our city (and especially the Westside) already offers us – the Trinity River, trails and nature among them

I love that the passion for our city flows through everyone, from builders to residents, and that the desire for places to enjoy the natural beauty of our city is being made tangible. This is pretty exciting.

So, what exactly is going to be in The River District?


  1. Elan at The River District – apartment complex with BEAUTIFUL amenities. And yes, there is a lazy river! The Elan apartment complex is accepting tenants now. Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 3.23.17 PM.png
  2. Rivercrest Bluffs Gorgeous luxury housing between $850k – $2M. Boasting riverfront residences, Rivercrest Bluffs will be another location in Fort Worth for luxury living.
  3. River Heights – 64 lots ranging between $400k – $1M. River Heights will also be luxury housing.
  4. The Grove at The River District – These 16 homes will be single-family residences beginning at $450k.grove-c-1.jpg

Development on all residences other than the apartment complex started in Summer 2017.


  1. Heim BBQ – Heim will be opening their second location in TRD and will be happily welcomed!
  2. Salsa Limon – Remember when Salsa Limon picked up their building and moved it? Well, you can find it now in The River District!
  3. Lettuce Cook Gourmet – Gourmet Food to Go!
  4. Abundio’s Fitness Studio – Because with all that good food, you’re going to have to work it out!
  5. Flowers on the Square – Floral gifts

Commercial Buildings

There will be at least two commercial buildings used for office space and retail.

And finally, Crystal Springs on the River
An entertainment center that houses food, shopping, recreation, and healthy living all in one will be found at Crystal Springs on the River. Dining options will include the River House, Nourish, and the Truck Yard. There will be an outdoor amphitheater and an indoor concert space. The vision for Crystal Springs on the River is that this will be a place that fosters community, by hosting marathons, farmer’s markets, and concerts as well! There will be a state of the art wellness center and apartments connected. With the tagline, “Your escape in the city”, it sounds like they are doing just that!


We live in an incredible city, that is ever-changing. I love that my job is to keep learning about Fort Worth and showing others how great it is. And I’m not going to lie, I want to keep learning about The River District. Seems like it would be a GREAT place to live, but that’s just my opinion!



Emily Wardlaw
Moore Real Estate, LLC.


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