Fall in Love with Your Porch!

It’s finally October, and though Texas really doesn’t start cooling down till November, there is something special about this month. It’s officially Fall, and Texans everywhere will be spending more time outside as the temps fall below the 90s (HALLELUJAH)! Some of my favorite restaurants in Fort Worth (HG Sply Co., Rodeo Goat, & The Reservoir to name a few)  have one thing in common: outdoor dining. There’s just something so wonderful about sitting outside with good food and even better friends. And one great thing about being a homeowner is that you have the ability to replicate that same feeling at home!

Porches and Patios are one area of the home that can be overlooked when it comes to renovation and adding value. Sometimes it can be an “out of sight, out of mind” situation, where the inside of the home takes precedent, because you the homeowner spend the most time there! Sprucing up your front porch or back patio can add big dollars to your home and for buyers that are looking, it comes down to 5 words:

“I can see myself here!” 

You might be thinking, “Emily, we don’t have $20,000 to throw at a porch renovation at the moment…” and that’s not a problem! There are lots of small things you can do to add that “special something” that makes you want to spend time on your porch. If you want to be out there, chances are buyers will too!



If you don’t have a covered patio, a pergola is a beautiful way to add texture and shade to your backyard.


Pergolas can be attached to the roof of your home or can be free standing. Because they are made entirely of wood, there are countless options for color schemes to match your home, or you can keep the natural wood look.  There are tons of DIY blueprints online for these (please be safe) or you can hire a contractor to build it. What I love about  pergolas, is that it centers your patio and creates an actual space for you to sit under and enjoy the sun, or watch the stars!

Porch Furniture


Outdoor Furniture is SO fun! Choose the style that you are wanting to achieve and just go for it!

Some of my favorite places to find furniture for your patio or porch are:

Wayfair, HayNeedle, and Target.

Some of my personal favorites:


An Outdoor Movie Screen

Patio Swings

Porch Curtains


The biggest piece of advice I can give is to bring your Inside, Outside. Bring your decorating style and the things that you love to do inside, to your outdoor spaces. Doing this will insure that you actually use the space that you paid money to renovate,  and will also add mental square footage to your home! You now have more space to just be, and another area of your home to fall in love with, and help someone else fall in love in the future!






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